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    Evered / 9th

    Thanks for a great time 2017 interlude :) We continue abit more and await on the update. we had a blast so far, we hope for more. if we cant have fun we have to move on, I want to thank Opalsnow for many hours with great fun from us all! Thanks alot Opalsnow, this nostalagi meant alot for me and the rest of my buddy's that play with me. http://imageshack.com/a/img922/5687/UtvJCC.png http://imageshack.com/a/img922/7332/rjGFli.png http://imageshack.com/a/img923/7529/skvKpy.png http://imageshack.com/a/img923/6295/a6AZRL.png http://imageshack.com/a/img924/5019/4GDxFj.png http://imageshack.com/a/img923/6106/llmJPt.png /cheers Mimic im on Discord, pm me or leave a pm here. ill allways drop by this forum and I hope it will allways be here.
  2. Superdrain is me :D I think it were angarath's char when he went to army, or something, I remember playing this siege. I see tuma, Zenden also. alot of old fellas
  3. GF. last one were the best server I have play'd also. I love this idea. Interlude got nothing more to offer, and its nothing to do. And dont bring lowrate zones. its ruins the small pvp and the quick grping of people that play private servers. Keep it like old Exile type of style. if you keept those files of last sublimity final. go ahead and remake it. its the best thing ever, and now you can even add more to that project.
  4. I play dagger, and mage, so what are u on about? Lol
  5. Yeh keep mages then and have 4 viable classes to pvp with on the server, fun ?
  6. Almost forgot, make tanks usefull.
  7. Hey ill be short, but you all will understand my list: -magic crit damage need to be half of what it is today. -ol seals land rate and duration is too much right now, they are too viable. -Daggers mirror is OP, swap around and nerf it and boost switch and trick again so you have to use a brain to play a dagger, also damage output is too high here. -Balance life Is is starting to cast in the end of the animation, its too slow I guess, -missing the passive m.def on fighters to make them viable in pvp(like other l2s) -the new zones drops need a small increase -the new zone would be bether with 2 spawns so pvp organizations can happen, now its spawn killing from wartags and they are camping it, not great pvp afterall but the location got huge potensial -a small pvp village, make hunters village square chaotic zone, put a misc show there and add something of no value as reward for pvps(nick color, hats, mounts, funny looking weps) for them with high pvp ego in 2017 and fun to pvp in smaller groups and not zergs -bring back spoilers, make them able so spoil solo area in orbis for small ammount of p.mats, so solo players can farm sets. Anyone got more things to add on a todo list?
  8. Probly, ita ready to open on the server and add the npcs, and opal got the files, i cant see him re write that whole quest when its so much other stuff to write, keeping it simple, so he can improve other areas ;)
  9. They atent thay stong now, cause you will be able to upgrade them to advanced set later on, farming 1000 PI eggs again ;)
  10. hehe ser den, vi får krige litt da :D å bli sånne rappkjefta kids igjen? :D
  11. hei obi, lyst til å spille cardi eller? Ser etter en til cp
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