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  1. hero sps +5 wit full offensive buff meanwhile archer getting boost every update
  2. About that 9v9 event

    youtube us
  3. About that 9v9 event

    Can't compete on lr style hahahahah
  4. About that 9v9 event

    Event was suppose to be high rate with everything on table, people realized that puts them on bad position and pms started
  5. About that 9v9 event

    U said yesterday in shout u told them. Opal tends to listen randoms.
  6. So u guys deleted all low rate stuff from server but event was changed to low rate because of what?????? because narious said to u? make it high rate with +3 gear then @Rei @OpalSnow
  7. Serious shout out to staff

    nobody cares about interlude servers except interlude lovers.
  8. easiest siege ever

    I was playing Russian servers, there future had to dickhold darboju to make it 150vs 80 against my side xside
  9. Know the Ancient City of Arcan!

    Next server will be sick
  10. Next sublimity if u implent everything at right time what u have done now, will be sick server.
  11. No sense on leaving this server

    we missed so many clans with that opening date
  12. event weekends

    right now we gonna have 12312 events :D idk but if server is mixed make events mixed also (low rate and high rate ones)
  13. event weekends

    i like idea to bring server back by making events but we have 3 events all of them low rate, cmon, its also high rate server. Make 9v9 high rate buffs but with +3 gear at least...
  14. Is you ready?

    all of u are same for us - mexicans