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  1. Last QUEEN ANT report

    Good to see server stands strong now that the CoOL BoYs have left
  2. aq vol2

    Bruh c'mon fix these colours
  3. I think they only refer to the interface (interface.u, interface.xdat, and prolly some others), systemmsg and skillgrp have nothing to do with it.
  4. [Official Livestream topic]

    visited his steam after one hour of the post this nigga had one viewer, prolly was me lol
  5. Forca greece

  6. [Official Livestream topic]

    when you actually use your brain and answer to my posts in a non childish way i may answer your questions as well oh wait inb4 english correction gr8 comeback m8
  7. [Official Livestream topic]

    lol that dude literally said in his first post that he won't be replying to anyone here, yet there he is xD butthurt lvl over 9000
  8. [Official Livestream topic]

    and then he be like, opal pls delete the spam in my topic i can't handle the truth xd
  9. 9 Spectacular Screenshots Of A Man's Life. 5# Will Blow Your Mind.
  10. yup i did but then again you know you're a failure when you start correcting others' english
  11. lol same delusional level like audioshit who thought having his pigface as profile picture meant confidence
  12. L2 Candy [Livestream]

    who can forget that lol http://www.l2sublimity.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4269-34-epics-anthyaqbaium-wp-sons/page-8?hl=mindthestun
  13. Livestream with facecam tonight [Hold your orgasms]

    bro you should also mention the time in the most popular timezones for the international viewers