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  1. I just want smaller clans to have stuff to do...I would even consider making a CP myself but whats the point? I would have to join a clan, join the zergfest and get spam CCd and play with players that I dislike or even hate...we're letting the server die by letting the sides get too big..there WILL be a mass quit, I was just trying to critically think and made a suggestion...its up to the management to make a choice
  2. hey man I like it big too but we're talking about l2 here ok Dash?
  3. Alright so obviously my opinion doesn't mean anything anymore but listen to this right... Why do all of these servers in a way or another promote zerging? The server has so many CPs but theyre forced to join a side because they dont have anything to do on their own and there's no small clans either...I think the server is great but we should probably try to incentivize small group activities a bit more? Examples follow 9v9 events - weekly one maybe? with some actually good prizes One big siege and one small siege running simultaneously so big clans go to big castle and smaller clans go to small castle Have a room in the party zone that drops slighty better drops, a room that is worth figthing for I duno im sure yall can come up with other suggestions....to be honest ive only PvPed twice in the server and I hate the cc fest and only activity to log for is epics...im sure the rest of you agree with me anyway noone likes these massive unorganized clans I'd prefer more sides with two parties each but iuno you do you booboo and another problem about accumulating so many players under the same banner is that when one side quits you lose alot more players than if one out of 10 smal sides quit YOU SEE YOU GOT TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX CMON MAN
  4. greekos recruit me pls i want to dominate server
  5. back in the day when I was a nerd with 3 stacked characters scathebeasts, saintsebastian and datshitcray :| now im a nerd with a half ass broken character
  6. im sorry youve got mental issues and refuse to get treatment, even your own party trash talking you behind your back feelsbadman
  7. "we?" are you core TF now? you want to lose more 9v9s or what? you had alot of chances man i think its okay now
  8. I already did. None of the clans that were gonna play there are going to, some of them didnt even need convincing once Anima was exposed as a fake.
  9. Not taking credit or anything but I was the one that found this out. hehehe.
  10. your flames dont phase me cause theyre whack
  11. are u jelly or something hush? youre hatin on cyber sex too much buddy u aint been getting any lately?
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