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  1. why bother about it for ht, when ima make my sps to get back what was always mine?
  2. FTX was #1, those glads u did mention are just horrible and pretend to be good when the really good ones arent around.
  3. This is what l2 turned into?rofl
  4. I won the first video event, tbh this one is not bad, but compared to mine is nothing, I don't feel like doing it again. Gl tada.
  5. GaZe


    They are waiting for me to get nobless.
  6. Agree, xp and adena are way too low.
  7. From this vote count, you prolly don't think.
  8. Old school gonna teach some fresh garbage players how to dominate sublimity once again. easy, take a deep breath before you get smashed. LordofOverllollolololords aka ShogonBRGR euaheua
  9. I dont think people feel like farming for lunargents or hellfire oil.
  10. Once the best always the best. It only applies to me.
  11. I was just saying you've never beaten me so you can't say you have beaten everyone
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