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  1. Sublimity 2019

    Sup bitches
  2. HERO

    Well first of all dualboxing is not allowed and secondly he is going to do it no matter what.

    there was no bug u just missed it. AQ had a timer on it and u guys came late. Theres no bug anywhere.
  4. SA low rate kings

    Im pretty sure bibby destroyed his duals and made them 14 again for people to play oly but they still got rekt? and after that well what can we say!?!?!
  5. HERO

    Being nobless first of all and after that its the Item restrictions. You can read it on the rules
  6. arcane map

    You run in again through the portal and as u run in there is a gatekeeper
  7. Augmentation

    Agree price is way too much for the adena u farm.
  8. Exchaingin px armor for soul, dosent work

    its still bugged one of our member had to reach 900 for it to complete
  9. BIG update.

    Stop jumping to conclusions will ya? Im pretty sure there is a reason behind that. Theres no way gear is going to be deleted.
  10. Barakiel Noblesse

    Main class?or are u on a subclass?
  11. hi boi, you still playing this video game?

    1. Tidus


      Yes i am what about u?

    2. Arawnh


      thinking about it, looking for servidor/people to play with since most quit these days

  12. LETS GO HERO TOURNAMENT-------------

    There is a reason why i blocked u on Discord cause ur so obnoxious. gtfo
  13. LETS GO HERO TOURNAMENT-------------

    Cool story trying to cover up for the shit you did. Well whatever its not like Opal is going to remove ur heroes so u dont have to worry about anything. Im just trying to prove shittys Samurais comment.
  14. LETS GO HERO TOURNAMENT-------------

    Again Samuraistyle with the lies
  15. LETS GO HERO TOURNAMENT-------------

    I dont know why the fuck u guys even talk right now. I got SS and fucking everyone in HT saw that SA had dual boxes. I MEAN COME ON WTF ARE THOSE LIES LOL GET FUCKING REAL