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  1. Next time if these admins open a server, only TF will play there.
  2. @OpalSlow 1 take hero by feed, u can understand from pics. Dont ban them, so u and tf can play alone at that server
  3. @OpalSlow destiny take hero by feed. he's all match feed % 100
  4. Mate, if you cant read, go a doctor. Dont made me piss your eyes
  5. Welcome hater, when we told problems again again and again someone come up like you. Im not random like you, I should take care with my CP and play with them. I cant leave when I want. And I never leave servers before server dead. I said that we got fun too, specially first 1 week low rate pvps
  6. While I playing olympiad at low rate's, they was playing 9000x java servers like l2 eola
  7. You are only a fucking tard for ppl and for me. You even dont play that game idiot. You guys break rules and feed at olympiad. You are playing that game with billion programs. Come on, tell me, you are a fair player ? Fucking tard. Im shame myself ! coz we are playing in the same server. HOPE, GOD FORGİVE ME
  8. 195 slot buff. This guy never will stop play java servers
  9. come on, I already know it but he even dont do anything about that shitty oly. Mages dont have acu. Summoners dont have acu lol
  10. I wanna ask you something, do you not shy while writing that shitty patch notes ? Where is the balance olympiad ? where is the balance thing at duelist class ? where is the fix alt + f1 f2 f3 thing ?
  11. we dont join them. Only help them at qa than leave
  12. its better than playing a server with 300 online. Every high client servers have max 300 active player. Only Classic ru ( gran kain ) over 6k on.
  13. Noone want to play ur shitty clients mate. You can continue to play there with 300 online :D
  14. And Im sorry for you but after interlude, lineage 2 is changed so much. So, for me its different game. You are not playing l2. You are playing a different mmorpg name is called l2.
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