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  1. Realisto

    Could it be true?

    Interlude is still very popular, but not basic Interlude as you remember it. Basically, every big-name russian/eastern european L2 server community has their own version of 'Interlude+' files that incoporate features, skills and qol changes from later chronicles or add completely new ones. Gracia would be amazing, but I'm not sure how relevant Opal's old files are. That's why I suggested a totally nostalgia throwback server that might trigger interest in Sublimity again and if the interest seems to be there then Opal can invest in files for later chronicles and/or more modern Interlude on
  2. Realisto

    Could it be true?

    @OpalSnow I don't mean this in a bad way, but the standards for Interlude server files have become extremely high. I don't doubt you can come up with something that rivals the standards set by the popular craft servers, but you yourself said you have very limited time. So why not go this at another angle? Sublimity's main draw has always been nostalgia. Why not cash full on nostalgia and bring back Exile? Fixing a few known bugs there shouldn't be that time consuming, right? Files are generally ready and you can always throw in some features from 2017 server. As for 'autofarm featur
  3. That first video is the epitomy of java server videos. Laggy as fuck, 3 rows of buffs, light pillars everywhere cause no custom skilgrp, huge massive weapon glows, noone taking any damage. It's perfection. It's java art!
  4. DId you play the last server? There was tF, Ferrari's clan, the BRs and the whales that only showed up after a month to flex their donated gear. How many of these clans will join after every wipe, if they even join the next project to begin with? Because I know for a fact that tF won't show with a clan, maybe with a tf+atb party. Will Opal pay Ferrari again? Will he pay him every relaunch? Does Ferrari still have a side even? Will the BRs even join, when they know this is the kind of server where donates cost them 3 months of their salary? Opal fucked up here, last server he sai
  5. And who's gonna join after the wipe, the 'longterm' players that don't show up for pvp before donations open?
  6. You seem to have a few misconceptions. We've been playing primarily craft servers since after the last Exile. I think 90% of servers we've played since then were russian craft servers. Also, have you ever used adrenaline scripts before? For a craft server, you'd need between 15-20 different locations, with various spots in each location. Editing an existing script with the buffer id, gk dialogue and pathpoints to the spot is very easy, but doing it for 15 locations with various spots each can get tiresome. And you gotta do that every server, since you get new buffer ids, perhaps new
  7. All these clans are dead. EU Interlude community is dead. I really want to see another succesful Sublimity, but it's not even up to Opal anymore, there's nothing he can do if there's simply not enough people still playing EU interlude mid-rates.
  8. Even assuming these files of dubious quality from an unknown romanian guy are legit, do you honestly think that an admin and staff that have only ever ran mid-high rate custom-interlude servers with populations of sub-1k can run a succesful Classic server? No offense to Opal, even though I love to criticise him, but I don't think he has anywhere near the knowledge and resources required for that. Sublimity should stick to 'custom high-rates'. Gracia or hi5 are one thing, Classic is a whole different beast.
  9. I don't think Opal can either get his hands on proper Classic files, or compete with the top ruskie Classic servers.
  10. Roation epics with small respawn times are much better than static epics. Static epics make some sense in theory, but you're opening such a massive can of worms it's not really worth it. The only epics that should be considered static are dragons.
  11. And yet it was tF people that were still playing and trying to revive server even after everyone else quit.
  12. Are you willing to make the small necessary hotfixes that are needed asap this time? Instead of delaying small but crucial changes for some big update that comes 2 weeks later when server's already diminishing and people are jumping ship? I still don't understand why it was so hard for you to take the server down at like 7am every day and make the small changes to mob and raid drops etc that were needed, when they were needed. Anyway, I really want to see another succesful Sublimity server but I can't really see it happening with the current state of the Interlude community. Who's ev
  13. Every Interlude server in the last year has failed in less than a month. It's not a matter of server quality, even russians with massive budgets can't keep their interlude servers alive more than a month, wether it's x50 craft/pvp or x1 lowrates. I don't see how Sublimity can be any different. Someone will lose, someone will quit, the other side will have no competition and get bored, someone else will get mad over donations, or over nerfing classes that donators can't beat, etc etc. While this happens in every server, the community is just not big enough in interlude highrate for these
  14. What's the point of this? Ok, so let's see: SA archers dying out of position, their CC doing nothing, they're barely even assisting they hardly break the CP of anyone in your mage party the whole fight. Then vs yellow tag, you fail the bubble and they're too busy kiting, leaving their CC exposed instead of punishing you. Again they're not assisting, just kiting and they get ran over. Why make a video of this? It's like watching 5k mmr players stomp on 2k trash and be proud about it. I could make a bot party on adrenaline that would give you a better fight than this.
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