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  1. Recruiting + LF SIDE

    more sides more fun. make the dream come true. gl oscar
  2. Clan SecretFamily

    have nice fights guys. good luck!
  3. Donation List

    we dont know yet if it's gonna be from the start. but as we know from previous opal's server, he dont make boost as a donation. nobless will be i think
  4. L2Sublimity Memories

  5. BETA

    a tear rolled from my eye :)
  6. BETA

    dont be pathetic brave u know me ofc. i said there is no hope to open the server as the main site writing.
  7. BETA

    i think the ppl from this forum dont have hope. couse opal had dissapoint us so many times.
  8. BETA

    what are u saying about it?
  9. Wtb +16 P.bow and P.light set

    WTT Advanced Set light 66333 and P.bow+12 and 30k elven scrolls FOR P.bow +16 and phoenix light set +6 PM inbox here or in game (PitterTehBeast)
  10. Soon.

    count time has been started!
  11. [DPS*NOTHING] Russian guys .

    WL guys!

  13. Donation list

    i think costum wep and armors will be able to donate it...as i remember from last sublimity...(etc.wep +17)
  14. team NOSSANOSSA

    this video is so funny gj!GL guys.