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  1. drop is so shit lol :o
  2. ba nebunule ce faci ? joci l2 iar ? :)))
  3. nah . they said Exile is going to be last one . so whenever you ll see Exile coming up , that's going to be the last one . (1-2 years from now )
  4. huhhuauhahuhuahuahuehahuehuaaehuea =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
  5. lol. you don't need any interlude clients . just delete everything - download nplay - log in with your forum details - install everything after you log in into nplay , clicking the button on the left bottom side - INSTALL
  6. yeah , I cant change to any other resolution than 1024*768
  7. am not takin the piss but you don't have to beg for mercy . there are loads of clans much bigger than 5 partyes so they wont change that just to fight fair. lineage is like football dude - whoever scores wins , don't matter if they play 11 against 7
  8. hehe , all good bruv . doing my things everyday. i cant wait to play some proper l2 with some real dudes :D . msg me ur discord /skype / instagram or whatever :D
  9. hello old friend . glad to see you still play lineage . im going to come here with 2 or 3 friends , so if ur clan still recruits count on us ! Obi you old nutter :))
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