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  1. Really

  2. oh so its the same shit as last time? lot of time has passed yet theres no change still forcing players to keep client in some retarded location
  3. MrPro, Mayor of interlude

    18 *wink*
  4. Can I just point out...

    theres a typo, he meant 2019
  5. Destiny

    только если бы он мог добавить новый контент раньше чем в прошлом году :/
  6. Destiny

    pls no
  7. Virus

    those mobs at non-chaotic party zone aint gonna kill themselves, well done virus clan
  8. How to get more ppl

    this guy talking about other peoples rl is getting depressed by a video game LOL
  9. ofc, if you stack 5sec (lmao) cancel you can drop him, what does that achieve? hes getting back up with full buffs and cannot be dropped fast enough to make him lose buffs can you kill cc? obviously, can you get rid of them? no fucking way
  10. emmm... no it didnt, my tower plugin did :/
  11. ofc you were, and once you realised theres no way you can compete that way you just kept begging for nerfs
  12. Resist buffs

    newbie-friendly server* opel kept listening to these guys for weeks and then decided to apply every single suggestion made to cripple mages while archers are untouched LOL *if you are playing archer
  13. Another day of Humiliation - #ATB L2Sublimity

    it applies to both sides u dum dum