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  1. To OpalSnow

    Interlude community lmfao.
  2. It would be great to create new sides

    Speaking as someone who barely played (made my "main" orc character and he's still lvl 64 since day 1), I watched a few epics and was flabbergasted at how uninspired the L2 Interlude community has become. 90% of the people play to shit talk, brag and claim they won something for the first time, instead of focusing on what's important, which is having fun. I was expectating a good friend of mine that recently won most epics, and for a week straight, all the parties/clans were different. Like, there were several clans on turmoil after losing repeteadly, and I don't remember that happening in any server I ever played. Clans used to remain consistent, there was a sense of pride in playing as a clan/alliance that I just don't see anymore. Is it natural since it's an old game? Maybe... But I refuse to believe that the 10% that still enjoys the game will let that bitter 90% win in the end and kill the server. I think there's hope, but I'm not the one to have a say in this, after all, I don't even have B grades on my main LOL.

    That's not a bug. It's a crustacean.
  4. Update: Still haven't been able to make it work with a pre-installed Interlude client. It will just try to download EVERYTHING after putting the client in the right path with the right name (AppData/Local/nPlay/Games/Destiny/System/L2.exe). Kinda like it's not checking for which files are located in the directory. Talked to @Cole last night but I wasn't able to troubleshoot what the issue was. @OpalSnow Any ideas before I give up and let it download fully through my phone plan? It's gonna cost me a bit but what the hell.
  5. I've ran nPlay, copied a clean Interlude client into D:\Games\Destiny and the LOCATE button wasn't working at all. So I clicked on Play and now It's trying to download the entire client into a new folder. Back on Terra, this process was easier, by clicking on locate, nPlay would just download whatever was missing and problem was solved. I'm running on limited bandwith until next wednesday so I'd very much appreciate avoiding downloading several gygabytes of data. https://i.imgtc.com/KqoeuDR.png 1- Clicking on Play will try to download the full client (7GB or something) to an unknown location, checked AppData/Local/nPlay but those are only nPlay files. 2- LOCATE button no longer showing. Will try uninstalling nPlay and running it again to see if I find out what the problem is.
  6. I've been away from Interlude for like 2 years, randomly switching between RU H5 and Vanilla WoW. Looking for a side to play with, either Spanish or English speaking. That's it. Those who've played with me in the past know what I'm about. No drama, no bullshit, just chillin' with a blunt stomping on dem kids. GMT -4 but I'll play on EU schedule due to IRL stuff, Dominator main, will sub whatever is needed for PvE except for Titan because they overcompensate for their small dicks by using huge ass swords. Titans fucking suck. See you guys around, maybe, maybe not, whatever.
  7. Oh it definitely can be done and it will work in certain scenarios, but why would you go through the hassle when you can just run archer parties with nexttarget scripts and AOE comps? At least in High Five there's no such thing as a braindead party and only assisting or spamming AOE skills won't get you very far. It further proves my point that Interlude clans are so accustomed to running the same setups over and over again that they can't think out of the box except on very rare occasions. In those cases, I'm totally in favor of DEVs and Admins taking the reins of the balancing discussion and actually implementing features and fixes to improve the PvP and help it become healthier for everyone involved. FoI's functionality in latter chronicles was definitely a step in the right direction, and I would love to see it being implemented on new Sublimity. I wish @OpalSnow would think about it.
  8. When it comes to things that actually work towards balancing PvP. The DEVs learned along the way, and even if they took steps that were wrong for obvious reasons (Instances, progression and grinding), they also fixed a lot of the problems that affect both single player and mass PvP. I've been away from Interlude for a while, and it's baffling how nobody does anything about the single most broken skill in the game: Flames of Invincibility. I have a good friend who's the leader of a top party in all of these populated Interlude servers, and I was watching him the other day during some sieges and epics, and realized how much a game of numbers it has become. I'm not talking about the number of healers, or the number of warlords or even the general amount of players one alliance has over the other. I'm talking about the number of Overlords. Every single epic was decided by one or more FoI casts, which weren't even used as what they were intended for (and promptly fixed on later chronicles), which is a repositioning tool. Right now it's just an excuse to be immortal for 30 seconds, and the only solution is to FoI back. Whoever brings the better Overlord setup will win the damn epic or siege. In later chronicles, once you take an action while the FoI or Celestial buff is active, the effect is inmediately removed, so it is used to reposition yourself and nothing else, to avoid getting flanked or backstabbed in certain tricky places like Queen Ant's Nest or Antharas' Lair for example. This is only one feature, there are countless more that would benefit the Interlude playerbase for the better. Buffs replicating on servitors, delayed paralysis which allows cleansing before it renders you completely useless, Aggresion debuffs, Stun break from damage (receive a certain amount of damage and stun will wear off, this would help against Warlord stacking) and so on. Say what you will about Interlude, It will always have a special place in my heart, but man, the mass PvP in our beloved chronicle is awful compared to stuff like High Five where you can see Archer, Melee, Glad, Mage and Dagger parties in every single epic and siege, all of them with their supports and tanks even in high rate servers. True party compositions instead of the usual Interlude parties full of Spellsingers or PRs with their healers and summoner. Is it because the Interlude playerbase is so accustomed to the chronicle that they can't accept changes?
  9. Something To Think About

    It's one of those ideas that would be very niche to actually work. I've tried a lot of different unique projects (BYOC where you mix and match skills from any class you want up to a certain amount to make custom classes or even servers where nothing is sold in shops, but they drop from mobs and if you die, you drop everything you have with you, kind of a rogue-like MMO with a limited warehouse/item protection, just to name a couple) in recent years. All of these servers attract a very small portion of players, because even if doing the same thing over and over again gets tedious, the regular Interlude playerbase is basically made entirely of robots. They don't enjoy doing the same things every server, but they've grown accustomed to it. It's always the same, roll mage pt > rush noblesse on healers and important classes > reroll archers (or not) > go to some epics/sieges > leave and hop on the next server. It sounds interesting, and I would give it a try, but ultimately, these Interlude clans will never go for such a server, it's not in their nature. *Note: I'm not trying to insult anyone here.
  10. Another day of Humiliation - #ATB L2Sublimity

    Nice SpS server bro. 10/10
  11. We need more "PvE" stuff to do!

    I hope the class balance goes well. The only reason I stopped playing was the OP SpS bullshit and the fact that support classes became obsolete thanks to no more low rate area (though low rate areas were garbage in general). I might consider coming back if the changes are benefitial for Tanks and/or Daggers. Kinda tired of range reigning supreme, I think one of the things that H5 fixed was Ranged classes having the upper hand in Mass PvP. Rush on Warriors, that Dagger jump to the back skill and pull on Tanks (from classic) would be good and can be easily balanced with proper cooldown nerfs.
  12. Frintezza 9vs18+

    Nice Spellsinger server. 10/10
  13. Make Lair of Antharas Great Again

    As long as Spellsingers are hitting everyone for 9k, you will never see new clans coming into the server, no matter the free gear incentives. The main issue with the server is that ITS NOT FUN TO PVP, PERIOD. Overlords ruin every PvP, Warlords ruin every PvP, Healers are useless, Archers are PvE characters (They farm easier than mages, but mages dominate PvP, like, that doesn't make any sense), Tanks are useless, no more low rate epics means supports are useless, etc. Every single party nowadays is comprised of 1 OL, 1 WL, 1 Healer for Mass Res (maybe 2), 1 Necro and the rest are Spellsingers.
  14. Gracia final

    Gracia Final fucking sucks too. Whoever brings more Doombringers will win the PvP.
  15. Some suggestions

    Even though I haven't played in a long while, I'm gonna chip in and agree with all these suggestions. Regarding the new armor and a possible new set of weapons, since you've easily implemented farm zones from post-GoD chronicles like GoG and OT, you could also bring in sets from those chonicles. There are some that aren't that weird, and look like improvements over the Apella set. The Bloody Eternal armors (the ones with PvE bonus) look like a mixture of Apella and other C and B grade armors (robe looks like an improved Zubei set and Heavy has those Full Plate square thingies). As for weapons, post-God weapons are kind of crazy looking IMO, but there's one series that look okay, and those are Inmortal weapons (R85): Also, I don't remember who was the one that suggested specialized sets (was it Thug?), that was another good feature that NCSoft did back in the day. Stuff like: Soul Phoenix Light Armor Set: Assassin: Little improvement on Phoenix L stats, added evasion, crit damage and run speed. Marksman: Little improvement on Phoenix L stats, added accuracy, crit chance and p atk. Soul Phoenix Heavy Armor Set: Warrior: Little improvement on Phoenix H stats, added attack speed, p atk and HP. Knight: Little improvement on Phoenix L stats, added p def, m def and debuff resistance. Soul Phoenix Robe Armor Set: Wizard: Little improvement on Phoenix R stats, added M atk, Magic crit chance and resistance to cancel. Enchanter: Little improvement on Phoenix R stats, + Heal power, MP regen and stun/paralysis/sleep resistance. These are just examples though.