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  1. the first old exile was the best lasted longer.
  2. gangstalean


    Anyway you can remove having a tank and spoil for the ptzone since most of these bitches dont play anyway, they would rather sit in town and COMPLAIN about the server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe some of us would like to farm in that zone cause solo don't drop s grade and no AP for shirts. As for me, i'll be here till the END
  3. Number 3 NO Allready suggested adding ap in solo zone, Hopefully it happens
  4. I agree, since alott of times you wait wait wait for tank or spoiler to join your pt. When you can just get ap on shirt in solo zone.
  5. Yea i want free itamz ya fawkin NUB CAKE, And you only say that cause you're in one of the big clans who have more people on.
  6. Any way you can remove that Tank, Spoiler in party for ptzone. Seems you wait in game forever looking for one, then you actually do farming. Pain in da ass, Make it like exile where you can farm with pt with no need of a tank and spoiler.....
  7. I had the same thing with my dmg all on my screen had to relog, And when i die from mobs i cannot buff myself i have to relog.
  8. Funny, Pi looks chaotic last time i looked. And i see the big clans killin random's in ptzone true story............
  9. and while there at it make it drop bogs, was in ptzone earlier 5 to 6 AM heads dropped.
  10. gangstalean

    Beas Bews

    They bowed to your qqing
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