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  1. Imagine being ytp 😂😂🤣
  2. Is the server still active? What about oly? Worth getting into at this point?
  3. Seen

    Balance life

    I'm playing with NGU
  4. Seen

    Balance life

    On a related note there is a small bug where your screen would freeze for about 2 seconds when the animation finishes. I noticed it doesn't happen on server where balance fires instantly.
  5. Seen

    Balance life

    Not really a game breaking bug but depending on the server balance life works differently. On here it fires after the animation is done while on most other servers it fires as soon as you press the button which makes a huge difference. Would it be possible to change it so that the balance goes off as soon as you press the button, it makes more sense as it allows you to use your reflex and react to someone almost dying as opposed to the way it is now where you just have to predict and throw it randomly because the target dies faster than the balance animation.
  6. St0p the bullying hush :((
  7. Seen

    One last fraps

    Thanks buddy <3 We can still talk on facebook anytime and we can watch UFC together. That server was pretty fun, made me realise how bad we can be in mass pvps without Hush leading
  8. Seen

    One last fraps

    <3 I can always put on my headset assembled in Taiwan made of plastic from China and copper mined in Peru and turn on my computer made of materials from Africa, south america and Asia, designed in the US and built in India and log into a globally connected network through wires and servers around the world then log into TeamSpeak made in god knows where hosted in some server in Europe you wire money to internationally and you allow people from different countries, backgrounds and races that all can speak in one common language to regroup there and talk while playing on their internationally made computers and keyboards some private server version hosted in the US of a game made in Korea on a platform made by Russians and adjusted by an immigrant living in the Netherland and PVP against people from Brazil and Greece so we can talk about funny things posted by people from around the world to a Singaporean animated cartoons sub-forum and you can tell me how Globalism and the free movement of labor and commodities is actually a bad thing <3 I will drop by teamspeak some days but you don't play league of casuals :(
  9. Seen

    One last fraps

    So this is it for me, this was my last server. Couldn't attend as many pvps as I wanted to but had some fun, thanks to friends and foes for the experience and sorry to the people I annoyed. Stay woke
  10. Seen

    Please fix bishops

    Well tbh I think mage need a nerf regardless but my pt would be mad at me if I said that. Mages are pretty good at dropping heavy and light user but you usually want archers targetting robe user but on this server you can actually die to one mage or two mages nuking you on bish while spaming heal on yourself and weather the storm of 4 well geared archers, it's silly.
  11. Since you're working on a big patch, it'd be a good idea to give bishops a quality of life update. it wouldn't affect the balance at all since every side has bishops, just make it so that bishop are more comfortable to play and are dependant on reaction and skills rather than dumb luck. Right now bishops are res-bots than healers and not reliant on reaction, because people die faster than it takes balance to go off and sometimes even GBH. -Significantly reduce cleanse cooldown -Make it so you don't lose Malaria on cleanse -Make balance work like on some Russian servers meaning balance goes off as soon as you click the button rather than at the end of the animation which takes twice as long as it takes for a 4 mages to drop a target or reduce the animation time
  12. Seen


    >C4 server in 2016 The only name I recognize out of these is L2MXC and it was average.
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