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  1. Nice to see u again arround meph... Cya in game hope u bring back the old squad.
  2. Up recruting 3 people more details in pm
  3. Who the fuck you think you are ? You are non factor i saw u how u failed with ur alliance side last time and u went emo quit chill out pal Every1 on this forum trolling you cuz every1 knows who the F you are. lol Empty words w/o skills and Bunch of unskilled fraps... KAPPA. have fun YTP You dont deserve to flame u... i already lost a lot of time with u
  4. Better to be uknown....you getting flamed by all nationalities if you are proud visit a doctor
  5. Okay Cowboy Can we stop Drama now And See on the battleField? i mean no reason to talk about 4years before while u couldn't even enter on the ant nest P.S may i ask u smth? You posted 2 fraps that on the end you have the same 9vs9 with ur ally there was any reason? Or was ur first 9vs9 that u won? P.S 2 i hope the best for u and ur family no irony our life comes first pal have fun
  6. Hello lads and i didn't want to post in here and start argue but u want to make me... YTB aren't you the guy that made with 3 different clans ally and u failed with all of em? Then u was crying to AlexThePro About Numbers and etc and u left server? thats right so gtfo please with ur lies and stop dreaming that u made us leave lol i still have u in my fraps when you can't even reach the nest of QA xD Yenge.. Bro..Qb never made us leave we had decent fights mostly qb was with lower numbers than us Never said that qb wasn't winning. But i remember that they never took a single aq right? im right... Guys stop dreaming that u made us leave... we never left l2Avellan cuz of you... we left avellan cuz of another Mid Rate server Anyway no reason to start Trash Talk can u prove ur words on battlefield?
  7. As the title says we are 5-6 cps we dont have leaders or sub leaders Enjoy
  8. then why the countdown exist? :D @Rei
  9. its telling me about memory low.
  10. Before the donates we had hide n Seek events and they was promissing for more.. now where are they? Go giran ppl are throwing the items on floor who is here to make smth? Nobody.
  11. thats why they share the ideas with the community..... thats why the gm team helps to improve the community... Thats why the gm team its near us .... Already 1h and smth and nobody its here. i sended to opal 2 days ago a pm still didn't reply me.
  12. Like u had on what u will be able to donate or what buggs are fixed...
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