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  1. 6.30da güzel efekt eklemişsiniz orada olmasaydım foinizin olup olmadığını anlayamazdım
  2. hello everyone, im looking for clan.
  3. Witchblade


    dafuq? are u gonna cry for a dead server? please, god. of ulenn youtube.com/watch?v=NQid9slymi0
  4. sell or give me the brand/model of ur pc
  5. i like it ;D btw: http://youtu.be/4Mc-iu3F6yo?t=2m36s ahueahuae
  6. Witchblade

    im op??

    who da fuck u are?
  7. yo, wannabe community! gj with glads. even m not been there but i know; wannabe community learning so fast. u got the tactics, i am proud gg wp
  8. just i've watched ur 4 lost, lieğrr
  9. 12/12 is on VVRX ;d lieerrr
  10. nub http://www.l2sublimity.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3745-halisha-bow-ladys-fan/
  11. check the forum before open a topic
  12. "FCKING FNISH MB OFF" what a fcking hate against 2 pt players ;D
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