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  1. Gracia Final was a best sublimity ever without "BIG" updates we played there almost 6 months and noone cry cuz it's a problem if Interlude simply NOTHING to do and boooooooring
  2. Yeni

    Some Suggestions

    actually half of features are NOT work or have not even added into game so Opal lied too much.... so the same old mistakes again and again
  3. Yeni

    Some Suggestions

    @OpalSnow if u want try to save remnants of live online on this server release update today or tomorrow otherwise no sence to work on it have a some kind of deja-vu now
  4. Yeni

    Some Suggestions

    new server but opal doing the same old mistakes so this is not a big surprise that people leave stop blame community when here is nothing to do
  5. Yeni

    WTS HD +10

    so WTS HD focus +10 IF someone need this just leave your offer here or in game - Yeni666 p.s. my ass still on fire cuz of this AMAZING UPDATES hope soon we will have epic for free or drop in PT zone cuz ppl can't have it so I will try 11 when I will get home........ hurry up boiz or HDf 11 soon
  6. also core and often need some good stats cuz custom stats booooooring or do as it on CLASSIC epic levels buuuut only for core and orfen for example 2x core = 1x core lvl 1 2x core lvl 1 = 1x core lvl 2
  7. last days of oly gonna be feed fest so have patience ma friend
  8. Yeni

    CAPCHA on Olympiad

    prove that u are not a bot
  9. Time goes by kids grow up people forgot of how to have a fun from a simple things and gain pleasure from this game also pixels of a ring in inventory > fun
  10. shirt should be able to farm in a solo way cuz this part shit zone suck OKAY but Opal put EVERYTHING in a one zone cuz people after a month of game still crying that this is HARD to get something.... my ass on fire boiz
  11. no its okau people are just too lazy to come up a new level of farming
  12. на прошлых серверах снимались когда прилетал на олимп так же как и феникс арморы и пухи
  13. we don't need boost DMG it's better to boost resists/HP/CP and something like this
  14. Is it a joke?? you guys didn't see of what is goin on now??? most ordinary player which play now for example mage in DC robe get crit from PR 5-6-7 k when it's actually not hard to do. Don't tell me that (ARCHER ONLY WITH OP GEAR) no, I'm poor PR with db 7 and I also doing such dmg. pevepe in our time looks like a 1 button game. Actually one-shot server this is what Opal was trying to avoid but this stats of shirts.... They give OP stats and people who gonna wear the same armor gonna fly to the moon from a crit of my PR?????? when I will finish farming of shirt mages gonna have the same old DC robe (ok +6 but this is still are not enough) this is not funny or people really like 1 second pevepe? p.s. It would be better to move farming of AP into a some new fresh area for a solor players. Why u add this and farming AA into a one location? Let's spawn even epics there and gonna be one shot server in a one location. wow sound cool! no? who need solo location now?
  15. Yeni

    Oly jewel

    It would be cool to return this oly jewel as it was a couple of years ago. If I remember everything correctly you did a half power oly jewel from original epic so it's gonna motivate a bit more people to try oly because at the moment everything of what I can see 20 ppls just standing near oly manager
  16. Yeni

    Duel Might

    cuz this is DUEL might u brs
  17. Yeni

    AM MATS Drop rate

    everything is fine with drop rate u just unlucky boi
  18. Yeni

    antharas drops

    people gets so angry when play w/o bots :<
  19. As I understand at the moment it's impossible to get BEAA / BEWA in game. And people who craft A amor afraid to ench it. The same with weps. This is nonsense! Drop rate of keymats are still low so I think that it can have a some sense to add BEAA / BEWA into a drop from Raid Bosses 59-59 lvls. If we gonna look into raid map those lvl bosses are not popular. So add atleast this drop gonna motivate people for a low lvl pevep PVE and camp those bosses.
  20. Yeni

    WTT 2 Event Token

    WT +6 with chance M.deff :>
  21. buuuuut this is a copy of good old exile so it's mean that this is a last server or?
  22. Yeni

    Grade penalty!

    Is it possible to remove this old feature from old exile? For example when you wear a heavy armor type on a class where have no passive for it. since we have olympiad here people need more options what to wear unfair for many classes
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