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  1. SO.

    Much better to be honest, I really hope though, players/leaders/clans like you/yours ( YTP, Dash, Hattori, Braveheart ) would never join the server in the first time. Things would be much different and better without their childish behavior, stupid ego and of course they tears and negative comments 24/7. But, even if you guys turn older every year, that's only an number. Zero brain and maturity, forever kids and braindead. Enjoy your -no- life!
  2. ParaActivity (Polish clan)

    I don't think these guys have anything close to 3 pts. Hopefully they will increase their numbers soon and try to be more competitive.
  3. My suggestion for new updated

    I thought you quitted already, like your friends did. What's that?? Selling items?? Need money mate?? https://l2market.com/topic/101-l2sublimity-shop/?fbclid=IwAR3_YXYQWi8DEyLc7l_5Fxq-2qzcm65_w5ZwiN0B--MmbTdXFuayL_K4pCU
  4. Community & Server Advertisment

    So I am pretty happy with the server till now, once more Opal did a great job. Plus, I am even more happy that all the crying babies already quitted ( YTP, Hattori ) the server and we can enjoy it now at the maximum. Server's population is pretty good to be honest, there is a lot of PvP at the epics/sieges ( still 3 sided ). And yesterday, I saw some smaller clans fighting for the star raids which adds some more fun in the whole situation ( well done guys ). Though, I would love to see new ( solo ) players joining, and even clans ( cps ) small or big, doesn't matter, to give the server a small boost and a better image. We should all try hard, players and GMs, to achieve that!!
  5. Party area

  6. [SGC] - Side - HLTV Confirmed.

    I will stick to the topic, not in the mood of flaming. Have to agree with YTP at the moment 100% (even if I hate to), we all should try and keep our sides smaller in numbers, 5 pts max. More and smaller sides, means more competition, more PvP, more stratetgy needed to win and more overturns during the fights. Personally, I prefer a fight between 4 sides ( 5 pts each ) than a fight between 2 sides with 10 pts each, just staying opposite to the other and fapping for more than 20-25 mins. Give life to Sublimity, it worths it, bored of switching servers every 2 weeks or less.
  7. Buff slots?

    Mate, try and read the features. They have written -almost- everything with quite enough details. Don't spam with useless threads. https://www.l2sublimity.com/forum/view/12383-preliminary-features-list/
  8. BrothersInArm

    Welcome to L2Sublimity guys! Looking forward on having some great fights with you. GL
  9. Custom hats

    I have a better idea, let's all start playing Star Wars.
  10. Serious shout out to staff

    This! That! Nothing else!
  11. Let's revive the server

    LOL! Of course they should, and actually, they should have done it already!! We need new ppl to join, CPs/Clans which never played Sublimity before. Not only relying on the current community. Peace!
  12. Deleting LS.

    Would love to see an appropriate answer on this!
  13. Files are corrupted

    Same here!
  14. Party Area - High Rate

    +1 for that. We used to farm in PI and MOS Deep. A place for nukers, a place for daggers etc. Mass PvP at the same time to keep your spot. Parties were made from no-clan players in Rune. L2F had some really nice features.