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  1. Online

    The server is already completely dead. Several clans ended up going because of the lack of attention. The system to create sets A and B was questioned a few days after starting the server and that's how things ended. The mob throw you as 10 pieces of everything but what you are looking for and that is only grade A or talk about S and now think about putting the custom, which in principle was not going to see is to say again to renegate with drop unusable ... for that they created 3 materials as they did with the old phoenix and you got a grade A and S at least you killed and you get something good from there a recipe and the whole farm that you did at least served you for something.
  2. The (farming) system has failed!

    It is something that mentioned long ago the farmeo system is not well suited to how the server goes. You can not get out unless S. As a warrior on this server you're dead, here they only kill wizards. At least before with daggers or titans did differences in areas of intense farming and there was always pvp. But with grade B or you hit or you kill a mob in the middle of the pvp.
  3. Did the server fall again?

    A lot of lag and now it does not let or log the account
  4. Got dced cant login

    Again the login has fallen as last night. Is it my thing or since the last update that is supposed to have happened?
  5. Server off??

    Try entering after seeing that it was already fixed and still with the same problem. What worked for me, at least, was to loosen the nPlay® account and re-login, I entered without problems.
  6. Server off??

    About 2 hours ago I try to log in without results the server appears up but does not let login.
  7. Something is not right

    I think they should change the farming system, since it is not the pleasure of several hours trying to farm something and throw you things that neither serve you or at least can change them in a npc to give you something you need. Before you knew with the set phoenix were 3 set you could play 3 different types of drops but now they pull you almost all sets and weapons that do not use axes, mallets, etc. that neither come to the case for the class with which one farm. Not to mention the place says Solo Zone and clans are full with partys that only pk the players alone, say that that insensitive pvp but I do not see the case, because complete clans level in exclusive area for only ?? because they can not in the party zone ?? Then something is wrong in that area. At least you had guards who controlled them but they are already abusive. Take half or in the end it will be as always people will start to leave
  8. I've tried to get the buff and only once I get to level 4 but because of taking malaria lvl 10 and the worst with the buff rheumatism in lvl 8 that plays the warriors. The wizards go and at 2 min they throw the Malaria in Level 4 without problems. As a warrior I spent more than 10 minutes without results.
  9. New Interface party search buged

    Sometimes the party search interface is buged and I must restart the client so that it disappears. Can put X to close it manually?
  10. Gran Apertura a las 20:00

    Si pero borran todo lo que se hizo hasta ahora. Linda broma Opal. Casi 2 años para hacer un server y terminamos a las apuradas como siempre....todo a ultimo momento.
  11. Crash Client

    When trying to see the passive skills at least in the human wizard the client crashes. The next target does not work.
  12. 8 Times in Barakiel

    Well I still hope to complete the damn quest, to see if the managers take into account players alone who do not walk with clans. Or put the rate that leaves the box or make an event on Saturday and summon it. Otherwise remove all the drop of said boss so not all clans claim the drop, is a stupid that is so and know well by in exile put box to the last they took the drop and only went people who really needed it Since he is a quest boss. This server is less and less people there.
  13. First day of Donation and people are gone

    A question the phoenix weapon can be dropped by a pk?. All night I have seen people with weapons +14 kill incessantly people hunting in varka without fear of anything and the saddest thing that with only 2 hit they kill you.
  14. Server off???

    Do not let me login and saw the opal post but says on June 11?
  15. 8 Times in Barakiel

    Barakiel drop random box or is it necessary to kill him with the party that does the most damage?