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  1. it worth tho , atleast u dont start over and over again , this never wipes or closes
  2. https://www.lineage2.com/classic 20 bucks non of you reach even lvl 60 on a x1
  3. god your clueless , dont know how dance songs system works , still hiding in this dead version of the game tell me more
  4. come fight me at x1 pleb , ask Dec how to play real l2 and go , b1tch boy, whats ur excuse https://www.lineage2.com/classic probably couldnt even handle 3rd or 4th side on a competetiv server
  5. cant handle low rate as usual i guess
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/BoldLachrymosePepperWow BoH try's but will give up soon
  7. playing 1k+ pop servers ( https://l2.laby.fr/status/ ) , come fight me at low rate , "low rate kings top kek"
  8. big dicks on 2 weeks servers with 250 people online clowns
  9. To OpalSnow

    so naive ppl you think he cares? he made money = decent server for him
  10. About the new server

    make it interlude final or classic , but not again a crt error fest . cant w8 for donait list
  11. refer at maxcheaters

    someone made gm's delete your official maxcheaters post . Afterwards he created a new topic with his refer link inside. goldenboy.
  12. Should I play?

    lol TimeForDrama Boyz.

    big fail at x3 ?
  14. LF Greek Scammer

    u wont make progress if u dont fight for top spots unless ur far head from the start Playing in different shifts 18h a day is only efficient if u have no enemies classic has changed 2.0 u lvl way faster then before and giants cave is game breaker But what I say is if u have good files and aggro works correct u can't be trained if everyone is active if ur able to train an active party , its not a top party . LOL