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  1. Phaze0ne

    Could it be true?

    A 2021 Exile would be good with some good features but not enough to say this is not Interlude. Bring back our old memories. I haven't played l2 since Diamond.
  2. I'm from Venezuela and i didn't had a problem about installing the nPlay or creating account so it must be something that went wrong when you was installing it.
  3. Im with you only on this thing.
  4. Idk why but i was lauching the nPlay it was on 67% and appear some weird error like: "nPlay has been failed: Return the download anytime u want" I just open it again and start again from 0% Im from Venezuela and my conection sucks like hell 80/120 kbp/s. Im really annoyed of this sh... after 8 hours downloading that 67% i got that error...
  5. I think Sublimity don't need publicity since its one of the best Interlude server i ever meet. So we are fine.
  6. I takes for me 3hrs A mi me tomo 3 horas relax.
  7. I just read a lot of bs about 9v9 100v100.. When u get one of them 1v1 they get raped as noobs.
  8. What's about with Windows XP?
  9. Duelist/BP/Archer/Adventure/OL Lo que querais.. Internet imperialista con un poquito de patria
  10. Como te he extrañado hijo...


    No creo que me recordes yo jugaba con Bellisima todo el tiempo. "TheBoyShadow"


  11. Since the last year when Cavaliers win the championship after Warrios get 3-0 I don't know what think about the games but i prefer Warriors
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