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  1. To OpalSnow

    I would never ban you for such statements. If anything, it has been one of the best of posts I've seen you make. TF has already been a well-respected side on Sublimity and other servers and I have always been truly humbled by your presence as a side of people coming together to play my creation to then create memories together. Yes, what you have mentioned has indeed happened for the very same reason you've mentioned. I always act on what I believe is best for Sublimity. Some are from amongst the worst of decisions, some are decent, some are great. I do not expect everyone to like me nor am I here to say that I am a person to be liked. All I want is for Sublimity to be an unforgettable memory and experience for everyone - including me. Thanks for speaking up. Happy days everyone. Wish the best for you and your families.
  2. My suggestion for new updated

    Noted FranStyle. Thanks for the post. I'll definately save this and do something with it.
  3. What happened to all the good leaders?

    Well said Erdi. I am glad you’ve addressed this. Real leadership is such that when a leader says something everyone follows. Emphasis; everyone. I dont think thats the case nowadays. Most of the sides consist of smaller parties and the leaders cant really keep their parties on the server. Back in the day we used to follow our leaders because we loved playing as a united team together. Today it seems its about winning and if you cant win there’s always the escape button, then followed by claims on how the server is bad, dead and how I have been lacking. The sides I am talking about know themselves. No point in stating names. For the sides that know Im not talking about them. Respect to you and your team. My main goal is to create an experience that will one day be great memories. You guys dont realize the best feature of all of this is you guys, playing together. I merely create an excuse for you guys to gather up in numbers.
  4. Christmas Trees

    I'll get it fixed. Thanks Bioshaft.
  5. HI

    It is a known bug. You can create a ticket in support https://www.l2sublimity.com and you will be reimbursed by @Landion Thank you.
  6. Downloading L2 destiny takes ages!

    Hello Aphex, It downloads full speed for me. Could you try again and let us know if it is fixed? If not, please tell me where you're downloading from.
  7. Got dced cant login

    I'll fix the stability issues. It just has to crash a couple more times for me to do that. Each time I'll know as to why its doing it and I'll make sure it gets fixed. Thanks everyone and apologies for the downtime.
  8. What's up with this server ???

    I will work on the stability issue. There's like 1 small little bug in there thats causing the crashes. It happens because we added alot of functionality for new things on this server and on live production this might cause issues that weren't found on the test server because of its large scale. I'll get them fixed. Do not worry. Thanks for expressing your concern buddy. It shows that you care. Means alot to me.
  9. Login Not working

    Hello @rambunxious. I will help you with your situation personally. Sounds like you are having a unique problem. We'll get this fixed together. I do not see your support ticket. Could you create one here: https://support.l2sublimity.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  10. Server off??

    Its online again @bulut86
  11. how login will the server be alive

    There's no better time to farm MSS than right now. Sleep well buddy.
  12. Server off??

    Fixing it right now.
  13. how login will the server be alive

    Server will be online in ~20 minutes. I am installing some things up at the moment.
  14. Server Update - Quick Fixes (List)

    I'll have to see what the best way of adding static epics are. I don't want them to be on a countdown-thing that exactly spawns at nn:00 sharp but rather have them spawn at proper times. We'll make it happen.
  15. Farming state

    That's stupid indeed. We wanted the party areas to be like that but I guess we haven't been able to do so. Try again by bringing archers after today's 1.0.3 update. I've made sure to give them a slight boost. Might require a lot more though. Please let us know.
  16. make farm great again

    Hey DarkDevil, Yes there will be custom content in the near future. It is inevitable and I only see advantages by doing so. Now we've started with a nice and clean base and from here we can easily expand to new things. With that there will be new areas to enjoy. Coming to what you said about AOE's. People shouldn't be AOE'ing. I've mentioned this numerous of times. You can take my advise or simply ignore it, I'll leave it up to you.
  17. Server Update - Quick Fixes (List)

    Hey MindTheStun, thanks for the post. All of these things are on the list. See them being changed asap. My aim is today.
  18. burn pc

    Thats a monster. Although I'd recommend getting 2x 1080 TI's instead of a 2080.
  19. DUAL BOX PVP ANTI-Bot system

    I agree that that one small thing makes it suck. There a slight fix in our Captcha system planned for tomorrow's implementation. This will take care of that issue too. Thanks for pointing it out. Appreciate it alot.
  20. streamforfree banned by innova :(

    That is absolutely retarded. Well I dont know if its innova or not but that's really strange. I'm contacting Twitch, this is wrong on so many levels.
  21. Server Xp rate

    It's 25x. I've confirmed it. Why would I set it to be lower. There's just no boosted hunting areas.
  22. This Server is Fail for Alone Players?

    There will be items that can only be farmed in the solo zone. So you need to be in both areas. Party-creation is very easily accessible in the main town. If you don't want to party up you can farm in the solo zone and trade for items from the party zone. In the end you need to go to both.
  23. Hello everyone, You've been used to us keeping you up to date via the forum, this will change in the course of next week. News and announcements will now be posted on the main page. This includes patch notes of gameplay updates or any messages regarding events, downtime, the future and more. This means that the News and Announcements section on the forum will be removed. We hope you like our new website and all the effort we put into everything. We'd like to interact with you better via our website by providing content and statistics. Thank you very much, everyone. Great to see a lot of you guys around.
  24. ShowTime Gaming Legacy

    Great to have you around guys. Lovely to see lots of small to medium-sized groups. We'll do our best to make you guys enjoy your stay.
  25. #Loyalty

    Hello @FranStyle. Great having you guys around.