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  1. No there is no server online. Some players are just trolling around a bit.


    Any new servers of ours we will ensure you receive the news of it launching anytime soon. Just make sure you're following us on Facebook or keep an eye on this forum every once in a while.

  2. On 23-12-2018 at 1:09 AM, PrincessHush said:

    i'll get banned again for this post because i believe that some old players of whom i probably destroyed during their time of playing, are now admins here sadly, and will do anything to grab my attention, even after all this time.

    that being said, our clan supported this server for years and we advertised it well, always 1000's on when we played. opal has never taken our suggestions, no matter what. always listens to the wrong people who have no idea how the game works (obviously we do we win everything) and even after ignoring all our hand outs to help him, we still play his server cause it's good. and after years of our support he's openly corrupted to other clans just so they can maybe win a pvp against us. see it how you want, people said they needed admins help to stand a chance vs us. and then opal continued to lie about it until he couldn't anymore, and just admitted it. in my opinion, he is not a nice person.


    I would never ban you for such statements. If anything, it has been one of the best of posts I've seen you make. TF has already been a well-respected side on Sublimity and other servers and I have always been truly humbled by your presence as a side of people coming together to play my creation to then create memories together. Yes, what you have mentioned has indeed happened for the very same reason you've mentioned. I always act on what I believe is best for Sublimity. Some are from amongst the worst of decisions, some are decent, some are great. I do not expect everyone to like me nor am I here to say that I am a person to be liked. All I want is for Sublimity to be an unforgettable memory and experience for everyone - including me. Thanks for speaking up.


    Happy days everyone. Wish the best for you and your families.



  3. Well said Erdi. I am glad you’ve addressed this.


    Real leadership is such that when a leader says something everyone follows. Emphasis; everyone. I dont think thats the case nowadays. Most of the sides consist of smaller parties and the leaders cant really keep their parties on the server. Back in the day we used to follow our leaders because we loved playing as a united team together.


    Today it seems its about winning and if you cant win there’s always the escape button, then followed by claims on how the server is bad, dead and how I have been lacking.


    The sides I am talking about know themselves. No point in stating names.  


    For the sides that know Im not talking about them. Respect to you and your team. My main goal is to create an experience that will one day be great memories. You guys dont realize the best feature of all of this is you guys, playing together. I merely create an excuse for you guys to gather up in numbers.

  4. I will work on the stability issue. There's like 1 small little bug in there thats causing the crashes. It happens because we added alot of functionality for new things on this server and on live production this might cause issues that weren't found on the test server because of its large scale.


    I'll get them fixed. Do not worry. Thanks for expressing your concern buddy. It shows that you care. Means alot to me.

  5. That's stupid indeed. We wanted the party areas to be like that but I guess we haven't been able to do so.


    Try again by bringing archers after today's 1.0.3 update. I've made sure to give them a slight boost. Might require a lot more though. Please let us know.

  6. Hey DarkDevil,


    Yes there will be custom content in the near future. It is inevitable and I only see advantages by doing so. Now we've started with a nice and clean base and from here we can easily expand to new things. With that there will be new areas to enjoy.


    Coming to what you said about AOE's. People shouldn't be AOE'ing. I've mentioned this numerous of times. You can take my advise or simply ignore it, I'll leave it up to you.

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