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  1. OpalSnow

    Could it be true?

    @Highquality I will do my best. @Art The chronicle would be Interlude. That does not mean we cannot include features from later chronicles. I am a huge favor of newer chronicle features while maintaining the authentic feel of the game. I can't wait to start developing for Sublimity again but my hands are tied at the moment. I will also have to come up with a new way of developing to make the most of time. One of the things I can come up with this second is to have players test and contribute to the creation and quality of features / gameplay. How? I am not sure yet. The
  2. OpalSnow

    Could it be true?

    I'm also very glad its back. Return? Yes. This year? Perhaps. Really depends on if I can find time.
  3. EMG

    opal give some information

    1. EMG


      go x35 exile

  4. Imma work on it right now. The chop chop sure did the trick. You know I love doing L2, but the timing has to be right. I'm lacking time right now. Our projects usually take months of preparations in advance. This time I wanted to double the prep time to ensure a smooth and high quality server. But again - time is currently not on my side.
  5. How about how I'll port him to Giran and last-hit takes the necklace. Its 2020, people still pvp for epics?
  6. OpalSnow


    There is no server @rydxp. That is why you get that error message.
  7. Hello Opal.

    Is there any plans to open server in a future?

  8. OpalSnow

    Is the server online?

    No there is no server online. Some players are just trolling around a bit. Any new servers of ours we will ensure you receive the news of it launching anytime soon. Just make sure you're following us on Facebook or keep an eye on this forum every once in a while.
  9. Good Night, would you sell the exile rev?
  10. I would never ban you for such statements. If anything, it has been one of the best of posts I've seen you make. TF has already been a well-respected side on Sublimity and other servers and I have always been truly humbled by your presence as a side of people coming together to play my creation to then create memories together. Yes, what you have mentioned has indeed happened for the very same reason you've mentioned. I always act on what I believe is best for Sublimity. Some are from amongst the worst of decisions, some are decent, some are great. I do not expect everyone to like me nor am I
  11. Noted FranStyle. Thanks for the post. I'll definately save this and do something with it.
  12. Well said Erdi. I am glad you’ve addressed this. Real leadership is such that when a leader says something everyone follows. Emphasis; everyone. I dont think thats the case nowadays. Most of the sides consist of smaller parties and the leaders cant really keep their parties on the server. Back in the day we used to follow our leaders because we loved playing as a united team together. Today it seems its about winning and if you cant win there’s always the escape button, then followed by claims on how the server is bad, dead and how I have been lacking. The s
  13. I'll get it fixed. Thanks Bioshaft.
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