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    To OpalSnow

    Hey man, I just wanted to say I'm sorry the server didn't go as planned, if you decide to re-launch a new one sometime next year just know me and a lot of friends will come back. Next time try to cater to the "randoms" not to organized groups those guys just want to rush and dominate for the first month and then leave. Don't be scared of the "Java" looking features, automatic events, accessories, micro-transactions, etc. I sure have great memories from Exile, and with Destiny I was able to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Thanks for the fun, Merry Christmas.
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    To OpalSnow

    as i told him myself on a private message, i will be here for the next project ,giving my best with my boys. I have bunch of people backing me up thank god and we will be here to support opal on his next project! Hopefully there will be more organized sides before the opening, i will even make my own for the next server. And whoever says i quitted on the first month, i ll tell you this. The server became a 2sided with 4 pts on my side and 6 on the enemies,i was asking cf to split so we keep playing on lower numbers,they reject and i peaced out. I left when the server was already dead cause people like hatorri and ytp quitted due losing sprees. I wasn't here to dominate no shit,i even skipped epics which means i didnt take the game seriously,i played it casually,even though we played a lot of hours some of us cause we were jobless ,i can tell you we played it casually. Hope everyone will come back and hopefully opal make the necessary changes on the project ,cause now he knows whats up. peace and Merry Christmas everybody ! also have a happy and a healthy new year sincerely yours Braveheart
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