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    Features List

    Grand Olympiad The Grand Olympiad games are held daily between 20:00 and 24:00 PM GMT +0. The class-based games are disabled meaning you will fight all sorts of classes. Heroes are nominated on Mondays every 2 weeks at 18:00 PM GMT +0. All changes made to the game outside of the Grand Olympiad - such as Cancellation - are reverted back meaning the Olympiad games create a true retail experience. Custom items are not allowed. Same applies to the weapons and armors of +8 or higher enchant value, meaning that weapons and armors up to +7 can be used in the Grand Olympiad games. Crafting Crafting has been slightly customized to be more user-friendly and accessible for players. To craft A/S-Grade weaponry or armory, it only requires the following materials from the original recipe: Recipe, Key-materials, Crystals and Gemstones. All other items required have been removed to simplify the crafting process. The end product is a sealed armor which can be unsealed with the help of Mandari for Ancient Adena. Recipes In order to get the Recipes that you need, you will have to collect Recipe Fragments. A-Grade Recipe Fragments are dropped in the Solo Hunting Areas by drop and S-Grade Recipe Fragments are dropped in the Party Hunting Areas by spoil. When you have collected 10 Recipe Fragments you are able to exchange it for your recipe of choice at the Armor Shop in Giran Castle Town. Materials Crystals and Gemstones can be bought at the Misc Shop. Low-tier A-Grade armor keymats are dropped in the Solo Hunting Area. High-tier A-Grade armor (Dark Crystal Robe, Majestic Leather Armor, Tallum Heavy Armor) keymats and S-Grade armor/jewelry keymats are dropped in the Party Hunting Area. A-Grade weapon keymats can be farmed in the Solo Hunting Area by drop. S-Grade weapon keymats can be farmed in the Party Hunting Area by drop GM Shops Elenea sells all kinds of consumables aiding you in your journey. She is the most visited shop of all and beloved to us all in Giran. She also sells Subclass/Nobless/Clan quest items, Soul Crystals, Mana Potions and Dyes. Nancia sells weaponry up until B-Grade. You can also enhance your weapon with a Special Ability at her shop with the use of Adena until B-grade and Ancient Adena for A and S-Grade. If you'd like to maintain your weapon's enchant then you are able to enhance your weapon with Soul Crystals at her shop as well. Mandari sells armory up until B-Grade. She is also able to unseal your newly crafted A and S-grade armory at the cost of Ancient Adena. Nanpa is able to augment or de-augment your weapon. He does not charge much Adena at all. Leondra is able to exchange all sorts of unique currencies with you! For example Raid Tokens, Event Tokens or Donation Coins. Buffer and buffs You are able to benefit from many buffs using the Buff Window. You can open the buffer simply by pressing the Blue Buff Icon located at the bottom-right side of the screen in Peace Zones. If you click the button titled "presets" you can set up and save the buffs you'd like to regularly get. You can have 1 preset per class on your character and the preset's slots vary depending on your Divine Inspiration's level. Once you've set up and saved your preset, you can buff up in 1 click, by right-clicking on the Blue Buff Icon icon on the bottom-right side of the screen. Now, if you open up your active skills window, you will find a toggle skill called Anti Buff. You can use this skill to block unwanted buffs from other players. Using this skill will not block Blessing of Noblesse, any self-buffs or augmentation effects. In case you took the wrong buffs, fear not! You can always use the Cancel function from our buffer, or use ALT+Left Click to remove a specific buff. However, while you can use ALT+Left Click outside of towns, it will not work on self-buffs. You automatically learn Divine Inspiration levels 1 and 2 while leveling up your character. However, to get Divine Inspiration levels 3 and 4, you will need Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration (Manuscript) and Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration (Original Version) respectively which can be obtained from raiding bosses of level 67 and above. With Divine Inspiration level 4 you will have a total of 24 buff slots. Last but not least, you can buy Greater Swift Attack, Greater Haste and Greater Empower potions from Elenea. Those replace the following buffs: Haste, Wind Walk and Greater Empower respectively. Subclass and Noblesse Quests The Subclass and Noblesse Quests are retail-like with a few modifications to simplify them. Mobs associated with the Supplier of Reagents quest drop 3 Regeant Pouches at a time instead of 1. The Red Pipette Knife can be obtained normally or it can be bought from the Elenea in the Town of Giran. Special Abilities You are able to add a Special Ability to your weapon in the following ways: 1. You can add an SA to your C & B-Grade weapons for Adena at the Weapon Shop in Giran Castle Town. 2. To add an SA to your A & S-Grade weapon without keeping your weapon's enchant level, you will need Ancient Adena. Enhancing your weapon this way can be done at the Weapon Shop in Giran Castle Town. 3. If you would like to add an SA your A & S-Grade weapon and keep its enchant level, you will have to level up Soul Crystals by killing the raid bosses that level up your Soul Crystal. This system is fully retail-like. You are able to buy Soul Crystals Level 10 at the Misc Shop in Giran Castle Town. Class Transferring Class transferring does not require any quests and can be performed with the help of Exilia, the Occupation Manager. The first class transfer can be performed at level 20, the second at level 40 and the third and final class transfer can be performed at level 76. Note that while the third class transfer can be performed at level 76, the S Grade equipment masteries are earned at level 67. Farming zones There are two kinds of farming zones, the solo hunting area and the party hunting area. In each of those zones different kinds of items can be farmed. Also, those zones consist of two locations for each type of hunting area alternating after a set amount of time. First up, the two solo hunting zones are Imperial Tomb and Monastery of Silence. Only one of the two zones is active at a time and they switch every 6 hours. Items that can be farmed in the solo hunting area include: A Grade recipe fragments for weapons and low tier armors, Ancient Adena, A Grade armor keymats, S Grade jewel keymats, A Grade weapon keymats and Life Stones. Then there are the party zones. The party zones are Primeval Isle and Pagan's Temple. You will not need to complete any quests to enter the Pagan's Temple, and the party zones rotate every 3 hours. Items that can be farmed in the party hunting area include: S Grade and top tier A Grade armor keymats and S Grade weapon keymats. In the party areas you can also obtain the following, using spoil: S Grade recipe fragments for both armors and weapons and Life Stones Lv76. The Dimensional Rift is retail with one addition. Players can now spoil life stones there in addition to leveling up Soul Crystals. Castles, clan halls and siegeable clan halls Castle Siege Four castles are available for castle siege. Rune, Aden, Giran and lastly, Innadril. There will be a castle siege every weekend, however only 2 of the castles will be under siege at a time. Town Clan Halls Town Clan Halls can be obtained normally through the auctioneers. Siegable Clan Halls These clan halls can be obtained through the retail clan hall siege process. Prevailing in a Clan Hall Siege grants the winner additional passive skills. At this time there are two available clan halls: Devastated Castle and Bandit Stronghold. Also, keep in mind that you can have both a town and a siegeable clan hall. Raiding Raiding is certainly an integral part of the game. Raid bosses of level 67 and above have item drops. Those drops include Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration (Original Version), S Grade weapons, blessed enchant scrolls for both armors and weapons, blessed scrolls of escape and resurrection, books of giants as well as Raid Tokens. The Raid Tokens can be exchanged with various prizes with the Token Manager Leondra in the Town of Giran. Star raid bosses are a special type of raid boss. They spawn at fixed times and they drop the same items as normal bosses but in greater amounts. Both the Star and normal raid bosses status, respawn time and location can be found in our main site using the raid boss map we've provided. Epic Bosses Queen Ant's and Zaken's levels have been increased to 80. Orfen and Core remain at retail level. Entering Baium, Valakas and Antharas can be done by either completing the respective quests or by buying the required quest items from Elenea in the Town of Giran. Here are some more things you should know: 1. Some skills like Touch of Death and Cancellation have been customized. As a result they only remove buffs for a limited period of time after which the buffs are returned to the affected player. Note that those changes are not applied in the Grand Olympiad games. 2. Cleanse has also been customized as to no longer remove Malaria. 3. Changes have been made to the targeting system. 4. An armor type penalty is applied when you equip an armor type for which you have no mastery. Such a penalty is not applied in the Grand Olympiad games. 5. Gatekeepers offer the options to delevel all the way down to level 73. They also offer the option to restore your CP, HP and MP. 6. Bloody Fabric, Portal Stone and Floating Stone can be bought from Elenea in the Town of Giran. They can also be obtained by finishing the appropriate quests if you so please. 7. A custom Marriage quest has been added. 8. A Bot Reporting button has been added in the actions window. Alternatively, the /report command can be used. Please help us to maintain a botless environment! 9. An on-screen damage indicator has been implemented as an alternative to the system message window. You can use both at the same time if you'd like and [[you also have the option to turn off the on-screen indicator]] completely by bring up the Options, going to the Game tab and unchecking the field titled "Sublimity On-Screen Damage Indicator". 10. Enchant rates are the same for both Mage and Fighter weapons. As the Enchantment value becomes higher, the success rate drops. Safe enchant is +3 and +4 for 2-part main armor pieces. 11. Improvements have been made to the AOE system. For example using mass resurrection skills won't have an effect on alliance members situated behind walls. 12. We've improved our spawn protection system. You can now bestow Blessing of Noblesse as well as turn on or off your Anti Buff toggle without the spawn protection being removed. 13. Changes have also been made to the Party Matching System. You may now create rooms from level 70 and upwards. When creating a new room you can choose between three options: [[Party Hunting Area]], [[Dimensional Rift]] and [[Raiding]]. Once the room has been created, you're automatically matched with players which you can then choose to invite to the party or kick from the room. 14. The server's timezone is GMT +0. 15. The Repent your sins (PK) quest is retail-like. The items required to make the Penitent's Manacles are available for purchase in the misc. shop.
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    Account creation unavailable

    It says "Account creation is available 4 days before Destiny launch (12 November 2018)". Not in a hurry but if you delay it to the last hour server will explode as always.
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    Account creation unavailable

    Account creation will be available tomorrow (Thursday 11/15).
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    7 cp
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    [SGC] - Side - HLTV Confirmed.

    1 - Clan tag Chickeninvaders closed. 2 - NO clan tag + outnumbered + closed. 3 - outnumber + theres afks closed. 4 - wtf is this ? doesnt even need to answer 5 - - @7.58 '' We had to run back bla bla bla '' when u run theres no problem but when some1s run you keep talking hahaha funny 6 - I am sure world turning around you 7 - killed 1 unknownz member theres chickeninvaders - closed. 8 - famouz had video but deleted hmm #excuse I had video killing 1v1 faker but lost it sorry 9 - ofc every1 dickholding expect u :) 10 - didnt wiped , be happy killed some uk members 11 - sgc sgc sgc sgc sgc sgc
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    [SGC] - Side - HLTV Confirmed.

    After all of those years I can still see those shit talks on the forum about who is better. Accually that's funny :D
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    Ask again for free noblesses, so you wont quit from the second day.
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    Buff slots?

    Max 24 faggot
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    ALGUNA CP pt o esp?

    Buenas, ando en busca de alguna cp que hable ESPAÑOL o PORTUGUES q vaya a jugar , pienso jugar PR o Hawkeye si consigo CP, no tengo problema con los horarios puedo jugar lo q sea..
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    Anda al coño de tu madre mamaguevo sapo
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    Barbaro tio womo.... como los extraño weon! jajajajaja
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    ShowTime Gaming Legacy

    l2 in 2018
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    ShowTime Gaming Legacy

    Who the fuck you think you are ? You are non factor i saw u how u failed with ur alliance side last time and u went emo quit chill out pal Every1 on this forum trolling you cuz every1 knows who the F you are. lol Empty words w/o skills and Bunch of unskilled fraps... KAPPA. have fun YTP You dont deserve to flame u... i already lost a lot of time with u
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    Welcome to Sublimity, clan rankings

    Sublimity final, interlude with gracia interface were had dhz/qb/tF/vg/deceptciona/cv/sp/db/pro and alot of clans
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