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    Something To Think About

    So, I've been playing L2 since i was 9 years old. My Uncle played back in the day around L2Forever times. I used to watch him play for hours on end almost every single day. When i finally was old enough to get a laptop i began my journey in Lineage. Always private servers, always between x25-x75. I'm 20 years old now, I'm not the best player in the world but certain not a "noob." I have over 10 years of experience with this game. Probably not near as much as some of you, but i do know one thing. A server with such a huge community can not just last 1-2 months. All of us build up such a hype when the launch is announced, but are always dissapointed with the end result. How is it that every time this server comes out, it dies out so quickly. I know they promise to stay online whether or not the player count is high, but whats the fun in that? So whats the solution? After seeing Opals post about relaunching in November it got me thinking. Why do the same old things to just make another fail server? Why not switch up the game mode to something completely different? Something that no one has ever seen before! Think of it like this. The best part of any server in my opinion is the Launch Day. It gives me a feeling i have never felt before. Some sort of excitement that i can not explain, and because of this i came up with an idea. Imagine a L2 server that restricted buying. A server that only allowed players in the first week to receive D grade, second week C Grade, third week B Grade and so on. Or maybe even every 2 weeks to extend it even further. Releasing the armor, weapons, and jewels weekly/bi weekly but still being able to farm what is needed for the upcoming release. You would see more enchanted low grade weapons, more pvp, and a lot more fun. It would give us so much more time to work towards things. Give us purpose. Whats the point in basically maxing out in the first week. I would get S-Grade after a couple of days of launch and be bored of farming. This game is to good to just relaunch another 1 month server. Im tired of it, and i know you are too. Im pretty sure this has never been done before and might be difficult, but Just imagine what a unique experience it would bring. Something new and fresh. Something everyone would enjoy. And especially something that would last ! Let me hear your feed back, Thanks !
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