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    Quest: A Gateway to the Past

    Hello everyone! I'm here to try to explain the new quest so you can port to the Ancient City of Arcan. 1. Go to the 4th floor of Ivory Tower and talk to Magister Ladd. 2. Talk to the High Priest Orven in Aden Temple. 3. Orven tells you to find a tablet. Port to Dwarven Village, click on nearby locations and port to Eastern Mining Zone (Northeastern Shore). 3.1. Walk to where the mark on the map 4. Go to Aden, click on nearby locations and port to Fields of Massacre and walk to the mark on the map 5. Go to Heine, click on nearby locations and port to Garden of Eva. Walk towards the water (don't go too deep) and go a little bit to the right and you will find the tablet. 6. Port to Orc Barracks from [Global] Hunting Grounds 6.1. Walk down the road and go to the right when you see the mountains and you should find it easily. 7. Go back to High Priest Orven in Aden's Temple. BE CAREFUL because when you confirm to open the portal it will open on the right side of Orven and you need to move inside like you move to the 2nd floor of Orbis Temple. 8. Talk with the Mysterious Creature and it will tell you to talk with the guard 8.1. When you talk with the guard there will be 3 options. I clicked on the first, other people clicked on the 3rd so I think all options works. 9. Here I forgot to open tha map but you can check where it is on your own map and follow the road behind and you will get to the right NPC named "Truth" 10. After you talk to "Truth" you will open a portal (Like in Aden's temple) ont he right so you need to go through it. You will be teleported to Iris Lake and you will need to collect 150 souls. You get the souls by killing other people. (It's time to PvP!) 10.1. After you get the 150 Souls go to Elven Village, port to Elven Fortress and walk to the location in Iris Lake 11. Talk with "Truth" on the Iris Lake and he will send you back to Magister Ladd 12. Talk with Magister Ladd again and you will finish the quest and you can enter in the Ancient City of Arcan! Thats it! You finished the quest and now you will be able to start the quest for the Soul of Phoenix! I'll make a guide for that soon. Have fun ♥ I know it's not the best guide in the world like I forgot to open the map sometimes but I think it's helpful.
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    Know the Ancient City of Arcan!

    Hello! I'm here to show you guys how nice is this new place in our server and introduce the people I met there. Let's try to do something really cool? How about everyone posting a screenshot of the Arcan City? I think it would be fun. I'll start showing what I found there... Let's do this! Citizens, NPCs, Scenery. The future Spokesman, Drane. The loyal follower, Lyne The devoted Mydia The overreacted, Alexan The Royal Guard, Grant The High Priestess, Marilyn Frank, the Blacksmith Wedge, the Guard (I think this is the NPC where we will do the quest for our Arcines pets! - They are working on it, maybe on the next patch we will have it!) Sarah, the Gatekeeper The Waterfall The Rainbow The Ancient City of Arcan! Show us what you guys got! :P
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    About that 9v9 event

    got it
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    Quest: A Gateway to the Past

    @Rei this guy is making better tutorials than gms, reward him please.
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    Quest: Enchancement of the Soul

    Hello again! I'm here to help you guys on the Soul of Phoenix quest! I think it's a easy one. 1. Port to Arcan City from any Town. You will spawn here and you will have to go through the blue portal (Red circle) to get inside the City. 2. Go south and get inside the "House of the Elder" and talk to "Eva, the Queen of Arcan" 2.1. Click on the first option: "Tell her the trut." 3. Go outside of Arcan City through the western exit and go up in the ramp. 3.1. Go inside this place that looks like a temple 4. Talk with the Grand Master Seymour 5. Go back and talk to the Queen Eva 5.1. Now she is asking you to collect 900 Souls at Orbis Temple Party Area (Drop rate at Chaotic Zone is 2x) 6. After you get the 900 itens, come back to the Queen Eva 7. Talk to the Queen Eva and she will give you the Soul Essence. 8. Go to the Blacksmith Frank and click on the first option: "Soul Enchancement: Phoenix Armory." 9. Now choose the type of set you want to upgrade. Be careful: If you have more than one set in your inventory it will choose the parts randomly. (Example: If you have one boots +3 and another +6 its not sure the +6 will be upgraded. Same for other parts) That's it! You have your Soul Phoenix Set now! Have fun ♥ * The Soul Phoenix Set keeps the enchant of the Normal Phoenix Set. *
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    5v5 PvP Event

    The 5v5 Korean-Styled PvP Event starts at 21:00 PM GMT. The event-rules can be found in this topic: Please make sure you prepare your inventory for battle. We'll see you tonight
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    Hey everyone, Here are the patch notes for the new game update that you've been waiting for. We appreciate your continued feedback and support. For all the new players joining and the people returning, we're honoured to have you and hope you enjoy what this patch has to offer. The following has been added/changed: New Town - Arcan City This area has been added to Terra. It contains all of the NPC's you require for getting your Soul Phoenix Set. To get to this area, you will need to speak with the Magister Ladd in Ivory Tower to start a quest line Gateway to the Past which will allow you to teleport to Arcan City from the Gatekeeper when you have completed it. You must complete the quest Gateway to the Past before you will be able to start working on your Soul Phoenix Armor quest. Expansion of this city will come soon with shops to exchange Ancient Adena with. Soul Phoenix Armor All three armor sets have been added to the game. Their textures are the R85 Immortal Sets from Goddess of Destruction. To obtain this armor set, you will need to speak with Eva in Arcan City to start the quest: Enhancement of the Soul. Check World Map -> Quest, for more info. The quest will take you to Orbis Temple's party area where you will farm for Orbis Giant's Soul Core. Once you've completed the quest, you will be given a Soul Essence which you will exchange with Frank in Arcan City to upgrade a Phoenix Armor set into Soul Phoenix set. Soul Phoenix Heavy: <Soul Enhancement> +3 STR, +3 CON, Elemental Resistance +4%, Critical Damage +3%, PvP damage +3% Soul Phoenix Light: <Soul Enhancement> +2 STR +3 DEX, Elemental Resistance +3%, Increases run speed by +4, PvP damage +3% Soul Phoenix Robe: <Soul Enhancement> +2 INT +3 CON +1 WIT, Increases Magical Attack by +7%, PvP damage +3% Shirts Now grant you double CP Augmentations All of the augmentations are now working correctly. You can find detailed information on each augmentation path for each weapon and SA on the features page @ https://www.l2sublimity.com/terra/features Daily PvP Quest Every day you will automatically receive a quest that will be completed by defeating 20 people in PvP. We have added systems into the game to prevent abuse of this by farming the same people, etc. Upon completion of this daily quest, you will receive a stat bonus and Mystery Box that will open and give you one of the following random items: Divine Scroll (very common), Raid Tokens (common), Event Tokens (quite-rare), Angel Halo (very rare) If you continually complete more daily quests, your stat bonus will slightly increase and the mystery box will become better and the chances to get a rare item will be higher Orbis Temple Solo area, Party Area and Chaotic Area have had Phoenix Armor key mats added to them at a much easier rate. The chaotic area has the best drops to promote people fighting for their spot, followed by the party area and then solo area. Quest items for your Soul Phoenix set will be farmed here once you have obtained the quest. Drops for the quest will be scaled based on the area you are in. Chaotic Zone will have the best chance at 2x drop rate compared to the regular Party zone. The Solo area will not have Soul Phoenix quest pieces drop. Ketra Orc Outpost This has been removed as a farming zone for Phoenix materials and has also had it's low-rate environment removed. It has been reverted to it's original state. Epic Raid Bosses Low-rate environments have been removed from all epic raid bosses. All epics will now be in high-rate environments. Other Changes Double EXP/SP in now in effect Made the farm much easier for regular Phoenix. If its still too hard let us know. The idea is to make it 5-7 hours of farming. The recipes, mats and keymats can all be farmed in both the solo and party area. Reduced In Need of Reinforcements quest item condition for Phoenix recipe's from 100 to 60 Changed icon of Ancient Adena to be more modern. Boosted clan egg drop rate. Barakiel now spawns a chest that remains for 2 minutes. Removed low-rate zones from: Forge of the Gods, Devil's Isle, TOI 13-14, Sea of Spores. The only low-rate zones that remain are Innadril and Aden Castle Siege Grounds. Coming Soon Arcine Breeding + Mounting. PvP quest to Soul Enhance Mastered Shirts Combining Dyes to make stronger dyes. Soul Enhancement of Soul Phoenix Armor We have a lot more ideas and content in store for you guys and development will continue as always. Thank you everyone, we appreciate you choosing us.
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    About that 9v9 event

    Im still online pvping and farming. Never quit here bud try again. You wonder why your feedback is not taken seriously. You are a child and act like one. Your mind has been corrupted by the people you play with and you cant see how providing help and real suggestions without flame can help for the greater good. Why not just leave already. You have nothing good to say about anything. You're a disgrace. Good riddance. PS - This is the only server/community I have ever and will ever play over 5x rates. You are talking shit about mid-high rate lineage 2. Evaluate your life.
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    Serious shout out to staff

    The update is for this server. And its.great so why not play it? Are you guys retrded with these kind of posts? That mentality of always thinking about next server and not current one is why this games dying fast. To be honest evem if the servers are perfect the community will leave in 2 weeks. You will either claim domination or unbalance and leave. All br parties prefer to play the exactly same style of java servers for 2 weeks so theylll leave as well. This server needs to focus on attracting a different community
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    Know the Ancient City of Arcan!

    So that's why NCSoft applied the fog to the city. It kind of looks bad without. Great post. I like it. Expect more NPCs and quests soon. The next quest I have in mind is similar the Supplier of Reagents quest but far less complex. The concept is to take the quest that allows you to farm for a certain quest item via PvE and PvP. This will allow people to both PvE and PvP for the item. The PvP quest-item drop rate would be much higher than the PvE one. With the quest items collected from this quest, you're able to Soul Enhance other equipment such as Mastered Shirts and Phoenix Weaponry. We'll start off with the Mastered Shirts in a couple of days so we're able to get a feel for it. After that, I'll design new items and add them to the game via. These are some exciting times. Hope you guys will be here to experience it.
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    Know the Ancient City of Arcan!

    Gj outside!
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    Hi my player is OdnamRa i plaing from the beginning .. but i donnt nowk how to make the Subclass !!! can i have the bonus ?
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    Quest: A Gateway to the Past

    I agree with you
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    New player to L2Sublimity looking for clan

    Hey guys, I'm an experienced L2 player coming back after a few years hiatus, I've played retail and plenty of private servers and am comfortable playing most classes. I can play classes that most augment your current set-up. Looking for a clan to PvP and Raid with. Hit me up here or ingame on "Meji" Cya soon!
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    it is time

    It's an honor to have you as my clan mate. My comrade in arms, my companion, my familiar, my brothaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3
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    Phx set farm solo

    When the upcoming update is on, will be easier to farm the p.set
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    event weekends

    I like that idea too. How about next week we do all events with full buffs and regular +3 gear? I don't wanna keep making changes to the events this week as it'll get confusing.
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    @Outside Is there not special thanks to me? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...
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    New Shirts - Bonuses

    Hi! Many people are asking for the bonuses of the New Shirts and I think we should know exactly what it gives in terms of percentage. Can we know the real status of each Shirt? @OpalSnow @Rei Anyway, if you don't know the status of each Shirt in game, heres where you can buy them and see the status of each one. The NPC is located in the 2nd floor of Orbis Temple. Shirt bonuses:
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