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    Any server recs?

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    listen i dont have much else to do so i might as well break this down for u. in fact mages is extremely strong but in 99% of private servers they have their best weapons (mcrit + cancel) taken away from them. from there u can only use them as a sustained source of damage being somewhat tanky against other mages. since its almost never worth it to buff mcrit because its nerfed to the ground so u are forced to get resist buffs instead. however it dont make no difference since about every other party is an archer one. ppl can argue about it for ages ''retail mcrit n cancel + mana pots + 2hrs buffs would make mages broken'' which is somewhat true. many gms, being as retarded as they is, decided not to look into it at all but straight up make cancel useless and mcrit occur once every billion nukes. so everybody plays archers. mages do deserve a slight reduction in their mcrit if ur gonna have mana pots + 2hrs powater and siren but what most admins do is beyond retarded. they can find a way to balance it out and theres been million suggestions about how to do so. this the main reason why 80% of russian servers are all mages. besides, in this community u have people who have bricks instead of a brain even though l2 takes little to no skill other than being intelligent and well organized. all they can do is play archers and right click which as simple as it sounds, is the more effective choice because like i said before mages is useless or not utilized correctly almost nowhere. to play an archer party all u really need is a great main assist, 2 decent healers and 6 people who just listen and dont do dumb shit. if u run a mage party on the other hand theres different variations u can choose from for a set up. mages are supposed to kill certain classes quicker and archers are supposed to kill other classes quicker. mages can definitely be on par with archers with proper tweaking, though. now, who would win a real 9v9? that definitely comes down to the players, buff choice, state of cancel+mcrit, and of course items (if its early/mid or late stage of the server).
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    GTA V [PC]

    i got no one
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    GTA V [PC]

    i feel u bro LOL XD
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    L2Sublimity's Verify

    One of our primairy goals is to protect your accounts and characters from scammers and hackers. The new Lineage II Classic client contains support for the character-PIN feature which will solve all account-hack issues. This feature forces you to set a PIN for the character you just created and acts as a 2nd-layer protection incase your game account gets compromised. With this new PIN feature comes new solutions. We will intergrate it with our website's account management panel. But thats not all - we will take security another step further with Verify: What is Verify? Verify is an authorization module for certain actions such as: log-in, account modifications(like password recovery/changes), viewing last-logins of your account and character modifications(like character name changes). When a change is requested - Verify will ask you to authorize the action like in the image below: Verify could ask you to authorize in 3 ways: a. Character related changes Character PIN b. Character PIN resets SMS verification c. Account related changes SMS or Email verification d. Log-in history view SMS or Email verification e. Logging into game SMS verification only. There will be a "Remember me" option that allows you to remember the IP address you are on for 1 week max. If the "Remember me" option is not used - you will be asked to verify upon each log-in. SMS or email verification? Correct. When creating your L2Sublimity account - you will be asked to enter a phone number that is used for verifications. This is optional but HIGHLY recommended because it is the best way to protect your account and the ONLY way to reset your character PIN incase you forget it. If no phone number is set - you will be asked to Verify by email. Do SMSs cost me anything? No. All costs are on L2Sublimity's account and will be funded by incoming donations. Thank you in advance for your support. Informing you on suspicious log-ins. Verify informs you if there was an unknown log-in on your account. This allows you to decide whether you have to change your password or whether it was just a friend who tried to log-in on your account for the first time. Thats it for now. Alpha stage for Diamond is closeby. This will be an open alpha to test the new chronicle. Mind you that gameplay-wise there will be no features (just retail-like interlude). Its just systematically testing the new Client. Still no ETA on launch. I know it is quite important to announce but I want things to be fully ready and not be pressured by hasting things to meet the server launch's deadline. Keeping you informed.
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    Lethal Strike!

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    Suggest and Discuss.

    Make chaotic zone at the end of elven fortress,
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