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    Yes.. real old l2 forever will open 19.03.2020
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    For a smooth and high quality server, which you always do I have to admit, we need as well a smooth and high quality community in order to succeed. Other than that, we believe in you and nowadays we play L2 only in your servers. Just, try to fulfil your project before I get married and have children. Spoil alert: I haven't found a wife yet, so you have enough time... that's cuz I might have stressed you with the "chop chop" thing. #notinahurry
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    Sublimity 2020

    Yo Opalius Maximus , classic died due shit patches , essence is real solo player trash. Atm there is this Interlude/GF remasterd with 3 stage system , but its already 3th version with corrupted rus admins. Pls concider brining back Sublimity in 2020 even if its winter 2020 ( really liked the 2017(low-rate high rate mix )
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