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  1. Yesterday
  2. Honey, I'm home.

  3. Last week
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  5. Good Night, would you sell the exile rev?
  6. 9x9 vs SpecialForce on megapvp.

    stop posting this shit fraps from trash servers
  7. What are you listening right now?

  8. How to dominate a server

    server with 50 people ok
  9. 9x9 vs SpecialForce on megapvp.

  10. Honey, I'm home.

    Yes, i'm back, this is our house.
  11. How to dominate a server

    Title should be changed: How to NOT dominate a server.. Sad you didnt lead on the old (first l2gold)..
  12. How to dominate a server

    haha feeling sad for this guy. His garbage turk cc party in sublimity winning against him in video :))
  13. hai

    exactly and there is nothing worth to play thats why im asking why didnt he make a server like this who is worth to play LOL ?
  14. Nope, boxes not gonna last long on ur back on siege , it's more like 15% that get stuck at some point. The other enemies both had 220+/250+ ppl inside cc, we didn't win bcs of numbers
  15. hai

  16. Lol thats bad.. 30% of them are dualboxes or more.
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