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  3. SixPounders 2018

    hey men how are u everybody ya still playing? im coming back to the game u know something about nenito and paradise?
  4. [CLAM]unKnownZ

    5 pt
  5. Hey it's been a minute

    Hoo shit, im not banned on here anymore. LF AoE II 1v1's. No noobs..
  6. Hey it's been a minute

    This is unnecessary & you're foul for it.
  7. Hey it's been a minute

  8. Hey it's been a minute

    Also stop advertising other servers this is the Sublimity forumthankyouverymuch
  9. Hey it's been a minute

    Why you say that? I'm down to play some time this week.
  10. Hey it's been a minute

    with insane competition
  11. Honey, I'm home.

  12. Hey it's been a minute

    insane fraps
  13. Hey it's been a minute

    thats some gay ass shit i didnt expect from you play pubg?
  14. Alright internet motherfuckers, summer's almost over, I hope all of you had a great one. There might or might not be another Sublimity project in the future but what I wanted to do is help bring the community closer so we can have a better experience in case the GMs decide to give us another server! With that being said, I encourage everybody who plays games outside of L2, (League, pubg, TFT, GTA, overwatch... to name a few) to pull up on us on Sublimity's discord (link can be found at the top right corner of the forum!) and talk to each other, organize some in-house games and have a good time. What I'm trying to achieve with that is to get people to get to know each other a little better, have some fun with each other outside of L2 while still sticking to the gaming element, and hopefully have a more peaceful and respectful environment when/if the server finally opens. GMs should feel free to come kick it and play games with us too. My name on the Sublimity discord is Neighborhood Hero so get in touch and let's get something going! Internet motherfuckers. I'm out brodies, be safe!
  15. Honey, I'm home.

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