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  1. Last week
  2. TonusTony

    Summer time!

    Now, that's awesome!
  3. TonusTony

    UFC 202 #WARDIAZ

    Well, it was all truly just a hype.
  4. TonusTony

    Xfire replacement?

    I see. Thanks for the tip!
  5. OpalSnow


    There is no server @rydxp. That is why you get that error message.
  6. And here I was thinking that it's commonly known as "No Nut November."
  7. Yup, they always forget the Jews.
  8. Romana

    Is the server online?

    2020 go to server :)
  9. Scam? I smell scam, alright.
  10. Hello Opal.

    Is there any plans to open server in a future?

  11. Earlier
  12. TonusTony

    New ERA

    A New Era, huh? Are you one of those happy clappers?
  13. What?! Is that a work of art or the opposite?
  14. TonusTony

    Grand Opening ?

    Yeah, it never did, did it?
  15. TonusTony

    russia ahuenna bratan

    He's not on drugs, he's on a substance called "freedom."
  16. Oh yeah! Return of the Mac.. I mean, Robb.
  17. TonusTony


    Does the error still appear until now?
  18. rydxp


    When i click on " create acc " why all time appears that error: #mssql_init_error
  19. TonusTony


    English: 10GB? That's a very big patch! Spanish: 10GB? ¡Es un parche muy grande!
  20. TonusTony

    Szukam Polaków

    English: Sorry, only a few Polish people here, I'm afraid. Polish: Niestety, obawiam się tylko kilku Polaków.
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