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    • I would not mind a C6+ as you say. I would also like to see certain skills and features from other chronicles.   @OpalSnow How difficult would it be to implement mass sweep, certifications, attribute stones? To name a few examples.
    • Interlude is still very popular, but not basic Interlude as you remember it. Basically, every big-name russian/eastern european L2 server community has their own version of 'Interlude+' files that incoporate features, skills and qol changes from later chronicles or add completely new ones. Gracia would be amazing, but I'm not sure how relevant Opal's old files are. That's why I suggested a totally nostalgia throwback server that might trigger interest in Sublimity again and if the interest seems to be there then Opal can invest in files for later chronicles and/or more modern Interlude ones.
    • @OpalSnow He is not wrong. The top/biggest server (To me at least) out now is L2 Scryde and its very popular. Over 40 pts at Baium popular. If you want to compete and keep L2 Sub alive you need to be creative (I dont doubt that). Seems to me like C6 is old news these days. Is it possible to get a higher chronicle like as an example H5? I think Gracia Final was one time used for L2 Sub if I am not mistaken. The higher chronicles with 100x exp rate seem to be doing much better in 2021. (Just my opinion) 
    • @OpalSnow  I don't mean this in a bad way, but the standards for Interlude server files have become extremely high. I don't doubt you can come up with something that rivals the standards set by the popular craft servers, but you yourself said you have very limited time. So why not go this at another angle? Sublimity's main draw has always been nostalgia. Why not cash full on nostalgia and bring back Exile? Fixing a few known bugs there shouldn't be that time consuming, right? Files are generally ready and you can always throw in some features from 2017 server. As for 'autofarm features', you don't have to complicate things, as you always like to do. Just increase the range of next target action (like it is on later chronicles) and include one of the many popular interfaces in your client. Most interfaces for Interlude have looping automacros that when properly used can emulate an 'autofarm' feature. We can make some tutorials so players unfamiliar with these can properly use them as well. No need to complicate things.
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