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Main class changes are now available
611d 17h ago Posted by @OpalSnow


Christmas vibes with Christmas presents from us to you.


Yep. You've heard it right. Main class changes are here!


Main class changes are now available. You can simply change the main class of your character via the Account panel at Please note that you are only entitled to one main class change. So NOT one per character but ONE overall. After 2-4 weeks we are going to disable this functionality so please make use of it until then.


Main class changes have been made available to you because we would like to emphasize quality and ease for you. Main class changes on L2Off is a hard concept and normally isn't possible but we've made it possible for you because you've asked for it. The point I am trying to raise is that the system requires certain base stats before we're able to change your main class. Therefore there are some restrictions in place that you need to be aware of. You will need to meet the following requirements on your character to be able to change its main class:


1. Your main class needs to have performed its 3rd class transfer.

2. Your character must have at least one subclass.

3. Your character cannot be a Hero.

4. Your character cannot have participated in this season's Grand Olympiad games. Not a single match.

5. You must meet all the standard Lineage II requirements for the main class. This means you cannot switch to a main class that conflicts with any of your existing subclasses. For example: If you have a Phantom Ranger subclass, you are not able to main class change to a Spellsinger. The system will help you with this by showing which classes you cannot use.


We hope you appreciate our effort in providing you guys with the highest quality of Lineage II possible. By no means are we satisfied as of yet and I dont think we will ever be. Until then we will keep pushing our limits for you guys. Thanks everyone and enjoy your main class change.