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Meet the Staff!
171d 17h ago Posted by @Amell


A short introduction of the entire L2Sublimity staff! Amell, Rei, Cole, Burst, Landion, OpalSnow. In order from new to old!


Let me introduce you to the Staff so you'll know what we'll be doing. So in this post, I will be giving you guys some information about our responsibilities. This will help you with finding the right Staff member for your question.




First up is me (Amell). I am the Community Manager. I will be posting fun and informative content. Keeping the community up to date and interacting with you guys will be my main task. Marketing is also one of my responsibilities. You can contact me if you have some advice regarding marketing, fun content or if you'd like to help me with promoting L2Sublimity.



Next one up is Rei. He will be ready for you in-game as GameMaster. He's from Canada, so the people in his timezone will see him more often. With his IT skills, he will be able to help you guys if you have any problems with the client or any other IT related problems. He will be happy to help you.



Cole will be the one some of you need to fear.... He will be keeping a close eye on botters. Next to our Anti-Bot Solutions he will make sure that the  World is truly bottless. In other words, he is our Anti-Bot in living form. 



Looking for events? Burst is your guy. He is our Event Manager. You've got some inspiration for an event? He will be happy to listen. He is going to  hold a lot of events. Our 10th year anniversary celebration week will be managed and led by him. He will make sure you guys will have some variation and fun next to the grind. 



Next one up is Landion. He is Head-GM. He's the one keeping things internally in order. He also responsible for having enough GM's around. So If you're planning on being a GM one day be friendly to him :P Besides being Head-Gm, Landion is also the Support Manager. If you got any problems in-game he'll be happy to help you. You can contact him by creating a Support ticket on the Forum. 



And last but not least, OpalSnow. He is the Owner.  I don't even know where to start. This guy has so many responsibilities. His main responsibility (and without any doubt the most important one) is development. He's the one who does everything in his power to let you guys have the best experience possible. He focusses on quality and innovation because those are the keywords to success in his eyes. He's always open to suggestions, but unfortunately hard to reach due to all the work. If you want to ask Opal something and you can't reach him, you can contact me (Amell). I will make sure your question gets to him. 



So now you guys know where to go the next time you need one of us :)!